Bold & Determined was an eye-opener. It was the blog that stoked the fire of passion in many men.

They might have been like me. Spending time in pointless jobs. Feeling as if they are circling the drain. Men of my ilk wanted something more. They were searching for an answer to their listlessness. Enter Victor Pride.

I’d realised there was something missing from my life. I had talent and intelligence but no work ethic.

I had no hunger.

No drive.

I was going through the motions.

When I found Bold & Determined the first thing that struck me is that I could escape the world I was in.

I am not talking about quitting work and leaving for Eastern lands.

Bold & Determined showed how I could escape thinking like the average.

I could change my life in changing the identity I had for myself.

It would be hard work but here was a man who had achieved it.

That’s all it took.

I only needed to see it was possible.

Once I could see you could define your own reality with your own rules I believed I could do it.

As soon as I realised this I knew life would never be the same.

I also knew that I could not wait to become the man I knew I could be.

A maverick.

(A success rebel.)

Victor Pride’s Bold & Determined set me on the path of self-discovery and evolution.

Victor is likely an INTJ and a natural simplifier. His content at Bold & Determined and Youtube have improved the quality of my life.

Often through cutting out bad habits or optimising them.

1. There Is No Competition

There is no competition because nobody can ever be who you are.

Nobody has the same exact blend of experience and knowledge.

So there is nobody who can do what you do better.

2. You Inc.

This idea was from a joint podcast from Victor & Mike Cernovich. It’s a frame of mind, to view yourself as a personal brand.

A business that sells one product: You.

I made major strides promoting my design skills once I started to view myself as a product.

I designed the cover of Embracing Essays on Masculinity.

From there things took off.

3. Take Off The Mask

We all wear a mask.

We are afraid, afraid of people seeing what we actually are.

People crave acceptance and approval. Their mask is a means of obtaining that approval.

When you take off the mask, it is no longer their frame that you are operating in.

It is yours. 

I had reservations on showing my face on Twitter and being authentic to myself.

What would people think? Would they get it?

Then I realised it doesn’t matter.

What other way is there?

4. Lift Weights

Men across the internet have spread this message far and wide. Victor was the first I saw.

I started lifting around three years ago and it changed my life completely.

  • Women complimented my body.
  • My posture improved.
  • Confidence sky-rocketed (baseline was already high).
  • Focus and will to succeed improved.
  • Work ethic and discipline increased.

10 Things I Learned From Victor Pride

I became a better man.

5. Lose the Wallet

Simple ideas often have a great impact.

Victor suggested I ditch my wallet three years ago and I never looked back.

There is only one place your pants should bulge.

It’s not your pockets.

I’ve carried everything in a clip since.

6. Obsession Is Everything

There are “no half-measures” read the slogan of an energy drink I once liked.

I was always either completely obsessed or didn’t care.

Victor only reaffirmed this dictum.

10 Things I Learned From Victor Pride

I became obsessed with self-improvement.

I became obsessed with design (if that’s not obvious).

I’m now obsessed with MBTI.

The fire still burns bright.

7. Be Selfish

Victor solidified a belief I have always held since I was a teenager.

(Mostly because I was an asshole as a teenager)

Women respond to selfishness.

Take what you want.

From my experience I know this to work well with women.

Especially if you are not dating them.

8. Stop Using Porn

I masturbated too much over my teenage years to escalating levels of pornography.

I didn’t even think it was rewiring my brain chemistry at the time.

Nobody did. It was the noughties. It was excess and alcoholism.

When I tried to quit, it was difficult.

But Victor showed me why it was necessary.

I failed many times.

I managed to break through when I shifted my focus to improving the quality of my life.

It wasn’t easy.

It was worth it.

9. Learn To Say NO

After I read the post from Victor Pride on learning to say no I realised how often I said yes.

I said yes to everything.

Can you help with…?


Can you get this…?


I wasn’t valuing my time. Others were valuing it for me.

So I started to say no.

As a result people respected me more.

10. Do Not Write & Publish On The Same Day

This is the most recent takeaway from Victor.

I would get so caught up in writing the posts for Artful Man that I would hurry to get it published.

When I started spending more time editing the writing improved.

I started viewing myself as the sculptor of a marble masterpiece.

Every edit was a refinement.

Victor Pride is a trailblazer.

Trailblazers are rebels in the eyes of others, always adventuring and pioneering new ideas.

Bold & Determined showed that I too could develop this maverick spirit.

It took a while to internalise the ideas but eventually I saw the changes.

Although Danger & Play played a huge part in my own self-development it was B&D that got the ball rolling.

Thanks Victor.

The growth never ends.