Artful Man Hiatus

The Artful Man Hiatus

Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing” – Ron Swanson

Artful Man is taking a break and will return to full strength in the summer.

I put a long-term plan into action in August of last year to take my life to the next level, laying important groundwork. A necessary step but incredibly taxing on my energy. Having tried to juggle responsibilities, burning the candle at both ends became impractical. It was clear something had to give. My time is extremely limited and I cannot come close to meeting my own standards with this site, my readers deserve the best.

That’s the heart of the issue, the readers.

I appreciate every comment, every view and every share I get. I have a powerful message, and my site is part of an ongoing project that is the culmination of my experience and individual mind. I haven’t even scratched the surface, to tell the truth in my mind, I never started.

For those who follow me on Twitter – I will remain active on there, but all other blog activities will be suspended for the time being.

It is my hope that this announcement is understood, as sometimes one has to take a step back to move forward. I intend to return to the site with a level of dedication that was absent before. I’d rather put things on hold to give my all, than post once in a blue moon. Any services rendered will see no interruption.

I shall look forward to seeing you all in July/August.

Thank you for reading.



A Game of Frames

Welcome to the new warfare. It’s the paradigm of attack that matters; not the direction of the attack. Think as you are taught to think.

The ISFP Artist

The ISFP Artist

The individualistic ISFP possesses expressive gifts.

They are consummate artists, engaging their talent for creative expression through their deeply held interests.

Notes on the System

The System

Knowledge gaps plague our mind. There have always been elusive facets of the world that we cannot explain. After considered thought, we arrive at a philosophical quandary; what is the meaning of all of this?

MBTI Types on Twitter

MBTI Types on Twitter

Everyone reveals their cognitive leanings.

The dominant function shines through as a prevailing clue into their true nature.

The Calculated Commander - ENTJ

The ENTJ Commander

The ENTJ exudes a commanding presence.

These often larger-than-life types admonish emotionalism in favour of logic and efficiency.


The Moment

The moment for some might never come.

The moment is reaching a point of no return. You see your life through new eyes. Something has to change because something already has inside.

The ENTP Debater

The ENTP Debater

The ENTP pursues possibilities with an inquiring mind.

This type benefits from a proclivity to identifying alternative thinking like no other.

The Peerless Confidant - INFJ

The INFJ Confidant

The INFJ is an old soul with a great sense of personal integrity.

Fierce, independent and attentive listeners, an INFJ turns to their great foresight in the service of others.

Dating For An INTJ

Dating For An INTJ

Dating for an INTJ can be a veritable minefield.

With a singular vision towards the future, a clear preference for efficient time investment and in-born introversion an INTJ might be reluctant, skeptical or choose to avoid dating altogether. It doesn’t have to be this way.